10–12, 2019

Grand Rapids, MI

If we want to connect, find new ideas, and create better things, we should reframe everything. Because when we see things from another perspective—or another’s perspective—we unlock a different part of our mind. In 2019, MWUX is all about reframing our reality—our job, our community, our capabilities, and the future of UX.

This October, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, let’s enter a new frame of mind and see what happens next.

From our Chairs: Why Reframe Reality?

There are three motivations that connect us to the work we do every day.

  • We listen to needs of communities because we are part of them and if we don’t feel we are we make the space to let them be heard.
  • We consider ecosystems and dependencies when considering how to respond to those needs.
  • We drive to maintain an ethical balance in what we make a reality or truth for others because we are the others as well.

Our hope is for all attending to consider these motivations adding to a new perspective we can bring into our own daily work and communities.

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