Alysha Lach

Founder, Little Space Studio


Don’t Mind Me

12:30 PM–2:00 PM

How has the health care systems fallen short for mental health needs? What does that mean for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and different sexual and gender identities? Join Alysha and the cast of “Don’t Mind Me” from Ebony Road Players for a short play and discussion about those of us who fall through the cracks in what society is truly lacking for those experiencing mental health needs.

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Alysha is a multi-faceted visual communicator of many mediums often taking forms like graphic recording, UX/UI-influenced concept design, high-fidelity storyboards, and concept art for production. She is a firm believer that visuals can build bridges of communication as well as be used to give voice to even the most difficult ideas.

In 2017 Alysha founded Little Space Studio, a coworking space designed for professionals in creative fields. Intentional amenities and a comfortable non-corporate atmosphere means creative professionals can utilize the space for all facets of business, while contributing to a meaningful and inclusive community.

Ebony Road Players is a Grand Rapids theater company whose mission is to inspire, educate and engage cultures of our community with high-quality theater productions focused on the Black experience. They strive to bring together all facets of the Grand Rapids community through theater arts education, producing plays by renowned Black playwrights, and community-based works.

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