Bella Olszewski

Designer at Atomic Object


'Tidying Up' Design

3:20 PM–3:50 PM

Marie Kondo's 'Tidying up' has hit Netflix and the internet by storm. This talk will explore how we can apply her methodology to create clean, functional IAs and designs. The talk will also explore how we can use her 'spark joy' philosophy to help clients (internal or external) and ourselves think about our content and navigation in a different way. The talk also recommends tools and tactics for applying her framework in your workplace.


Bella is a multidisciplinary designer who excels at providing clients with user-centered software and business solutions. She enjoys hearing users’ stories, learning how different businesses tick, and simplifying complex workflows using human-centered design practices. She works to ensure that the final product reflects the voice of end-users and provides high value to clients.

Throughout her career, Bella's curiosity has led her to design projects in the education, healthcare, non-profit, and small business sectors, where she has provided tailored solutions to the varied user and business needs. She believes UX/UI is an integral part of an organization’s longevity, and she strives to help her clients build up their capabilities and expertise in this area, to ensure success in the long run.