Jeff Stevenson & Nick Hawes

UX Product Designer & Team Leader at Paycor


The Hidden Power of Metaphor

11:10 AM–11:40 AM

Metaphor is shockingly prevalent in our everyday speech, so much so that experts estimate about 1 in 10 words we speak are actually metaphors. What does this mean for designers? A lot!

There are several ways metaphors can be a powerful tool for designers. As user researchers, we can become better, more incisive listeners by paying careful attention to the metaphors people use. As UI copywriters and content strategists, we can prompt users to have certain mental models and expectations through our use of metaphors. And, finally, we can even reframe the discipline of UX Design by acknowledging and changing the metaphors we use to describe our own work.


Jeff is passionate about people. His greatest joy at work is helping people to grow and develop so they can be more fulfilled and effective in their jobs. He gets fired up about research, testing, measurement, design, rhetoric, writing, leadership, and strategic planning. He also get excited about human-centered design, which means planning and designing things that make the world a better place.

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