Joe Elmendorf & Dan Cooney

Information Architects at TUG


Modeling for Clarity

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We’ll put theory into practice by first discussing how to model. We’ll cover how to set up models for success using the Modeling Intent Framework as well as the process of collecting disparate knowledge to create a comprehensive whole and best practices, exemplified through case studies.

Participants will learn how to create models that express the wholeness of a project to those coming from differing contexts. We’ll turn our focus from the act of creating models to honing them for a purpose. Models are an excellent communication tool that can serve as a basis for collaboration and validation, or as a way of presenting and preserving. Participants will learn how to create an appropriate frame/context to ensure models are utilized appropriately given a diverse set of consumers as well as a framework for critique that allows us to discern better why some models “work” and others don’t.


Joe Elmendorf has been working with information spaces since 2009 and teaching in the field at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee since 2016. As both a consultant and an educator, he is continually working to refine how models are rationalized, taught, and practiced.

Dan practices information architecture and design at The Understanding Group, solving complex information problems. He believes organizations can establish long-term competitive advantage by coordinating around the creation, maintenance, and use of shared models.

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