Joe Johnston

Creative Director of the Atlanta Studio at Y Media Labs


Applying Service Design to Problem Solving

1:30 PM–4:30 PM

Service design is the activity of planning, designing and organizing people, infrastructure, communication, and products of a service to improve its quality and the interaction between the business and its customers.

In this workshop you'll dive deeper into understanding the needs/wants/behaviors of customers and employees, outline an experience/journey map to better understand the interactions customers have with an organization, identify the moments that matter along the experience journey, and build a service blueprint to align stakeholders and share the vision of your service. Service Design is how an organization gets business done. Learn to design moments that have a lasting impact on the customers and for the company.


Joe is the creative director and co-head of the Atlanta studio at Y Media Labs, a design and innovation agency, creating digital products and experiences. He has over 18 years experience in the areas of experience design, service design, customer insight, and innovation for many notable brands including Lowe's, Coke, UPS, Capital One, Arby's, Bosch, Herman Miller, AT&T, TIAA, Freddie Mac, Meijer, Principal Financial & Sony Music. His expertise includes experience & service design, future visioning, and ideation facilitation resulting in many new concepts, brand experiences, and strategies.