John Vanderveen

UX Designer at Covermymeds


Negotiation: An Important Soft Skill for Your Design Toolkit

3:10 PM–4:00 PM

The standard tools and tactics of negotiation that we may see in media and everyday life are rarely applicable to workplace debates. Maintaining relationships and being seen as a productive and valuable partner within project and product groups are essential considerations to designers, and are often necessary to maintaining influence and building trust.

The talk debunks negotiation myths and presents skills and tactics to collaborate at our jobs. The content isn’t only applicable to designers, as part of it addresses seeing beyond our personal point of view and understanding our partners’ real goals and desires. The tactics discussed include how to approach discussions, how to work with people, and how to use a framework called “principled negotiations” to find creative solutions rather than just “meeting in the middle.”


John is a UX designer at Covermymeds in Columbus, Ohio. He has previously designed physical and digital experiences in banking, logistics, computers, and even dog toys. He enjoys bringing design-thinking into all parts of life and to industries that are ripe for disruption, leading to him co-founding an innovation consulting group with two peers while at Carnegie Mellon for his Masters.

John also holds a degree in industrial design from Ohio State (where he spent the past year as an adjunct professor) and Management from Purdue. John is also a husband, a dad, a car enthusiast, and a novice woodworker.