Jon Yablonski

Senior Product Designer at General Motors


Designing with Humanity

11:50 AM-12:20 PM

The exponential growth of mobile technology has ushered in an age where time and attention is an increasingly scarce resource. Instead of technology enhancing our abilities as humans, we’ve seen it become a vehicle for extracting our attention, monetizing our personal information, and exploiting our psychological vulnerabilities. As designers, we play a key role in the creation of such technology, and it’s time we take responsibility for the impact that these products and services we build are having on people it should serve.

In this talk, I’ll focus on the guiding principles I’ve outlined in my recent project Humane by Design ( We’ll explore various UX patterns that designers can use that consider user well-being, as well as the ultimate benefits of designing humane products and services.


Jon Yablonski is a multidisciplinary designer, speaker, writer, and digital creator based in Detroit. His passion lies at the intersection of user experience design and front-end web development, and he often merges these two disciplines into a hybrid approach for digital problem solving. When he’s not creating journey maps and prototypes, Jon is building helpful resources such as Laws of UX, Humane by Design, and the Web Field Manual. He’s currently working to define the next generation of in-vehicle interactive experiences as a senior product designer at General Motors.