Katei Swindler

Experience Strategy for Allstate

Katie leads the experience strategy for Allstate online marketing products including the Allstate.com quoting experiences and My Account. Originally educated as a theatre director, she brings a unique perspective to digital work. She believes if brands wish to truly connect with consumers they must combine emotion and utility, storytelling and technology to create experiences that go beyond satisfaction to delight. Prior to joining Allstate, Katie was a UX Director at FCB Chicago where she was the UX lead on the 2016 global redesign of JackDaniels.com as well as leading experience design for many other clients such as Cox Communications, and Toyota Financial Services.



Life and Death Design: Creating products that save us from ourselves

Landing an airplane, avoiding a car crash, resuscitating a heart attack victim, or escaping a burning building – human-centered design can be the difference between success and catastrophe in these critical moments. Our brains work differently in a moment of crisis - the way we perceive reality can change dramatically in a fraction of a second. Good design anticipates and works with our ingrained survival instincts. Explore how creators of life-saving products use the lessons of past tragedies to inform new technologies. Learn to see your own work from this new perspective to be able to more effectively guide human behavior when your users are stressed.