Mary Brown

Lead Learning & Development Consultant at Spectrum Health


Designing Environments for Healthier Choices | Spectrum Health

12:30 PM–2:00 PM

How is healthcare being disproportionately delivered and experienced? What if we thought of Food as Medicine? New methods today are tracking this as Personalized Medicine. If the industry is moving in that direction, what role does design have in helping to build healthy environments? This session will engage designers in examining Lifestyle Medicine as the future of personalized health.

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Mary Brown
Mary is an avid researcher, technophile, Futurist and polymath who uses these traits to explore and analyze complex systems.
Her work consists of a unique blend of skills using Human Centered Design (HCD), Organization Development (OD), and Learning and Development (LD) strategies and methods to improve individual leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Leanne Mauriello, PhD
Leanne is a health psychologist and behavioral scientist with expertise in patient engagement, health behavior change, and lifestyle management. Leanne has led the development, testing, and implementation of health behavior change programs for varied populations and settings, including digital health modalities. As a sought-out expert in using stages of change and behavior change theory to engage patients in sustained behavior modifications. Leanne is the Director of Lifestyle Medicine where she focuses on engaging consumers in lifestyle management and chronic disease prevention.

Kristi Artz, M.D.
Kristi focuses on living a healthy lifestyle for not only herself and her family but also encourages it for her patients. Motivated by treating patients with chronic illnesses, Kristi decided to seek out more effective ways that her patients could adopt a healthy lifestyle that included food as medicine. Kristi s board certified in emergency medicine and Medical Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Virtual Health as well as the lead physician of the Culinary Medicine program at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI.,

Kevin L. Vos
As the Senior Director of Hospitality Support Services for Spectrum Health Kevin L. Vos is responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of high quality patient and guest services functions across our nationally awarded integrated health system. Whether Kevin is concentrating on disrupting the typical “institutional” food chain or coming up with unique solutions to help change nutritional behavioral, Kevin’s goal is to improve the health of the community through nourishment, education and wellness.