Sharlene King

UX Designer at Morningstar


Level Up Your Design With Video Games

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Designers can improve their work by studying the vast array of user experience design honed over decades in video games. In 2018, Americans spent $36 billion on video games while developing for an impressively diverse demographic. Unlike most product technology, people will voluntarily spend hours immersed in the software solving complex workflows bound by restrictions and guided by complex data. As UX design matures, incorporating the principles of service design and business development, it would behoove us to compare our work to what's been established and proven successful in gaming. What are trends that have shaped culture at large? What methodology can we apply to our practices? Can you study this without being a gamer?


Sharlene King is a UX designer specializing in accessibility and behavior. During business hours, she works at Morningstar Inc, an independent financial research firm, building software that makes finances more understandable. In the after-hours and weekends, she corrupts the youth by teaching design through the Adler Planetarium, Chicago Public Schools, and other mentorship programs. Sharlene prefers food to booze and will ask before taking the last slice of pizza. She also enjoys Costco and aspires to live like a Costco dad.