Stacey Seronick

Experience Design & Research Lead at Catalia Health


Psychographic Mapping of Physical Spaces

1:00 PM–4:00 PM

The idea is to take physical space, perhaps one you know very well because you’ve been designing or working for that space for a long time, and you need a fresh perspective through the eyes of a first-time visitor to your area or site. This technique can also be used as a means of creating an initial content strategy and/or brand guidelines for a brand new physical experience; I will cover how this can be done, briefly, as well.

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Obsessed with humans and how they communicate and interact with each other and their environments, Stacey has spent over 21 years in the industry, creating for and strategizing with people of all sorts. Curiosity has driven her to explore patterns and anomalies she comes across in her professional people-watching and eavesdropping, looking for ways to use these observations in pursuit of making life better and more comfortable – whatever that may mean in a given situation. Stacey received her B.A. from Bennington College and MHCID from the University of California, Irvine, and is currently the Experience Design and Research Lead at Catalia Health, in San Francisco, California.