Wendy Nyx & Chris Varosy

Founder of Primitive Spark


Change the World, One Kid at a Time, with Design Thinking Parenting

3:10 PM–4:00 PM

As UX designers, we have the responsibility to apply what we know beyond our 9-5 workday. Everywhere we go, we look at the world and have ideas of how we can make it better. We are in our cars and have at least ten ideas of how the experience of being in it and driving it can be better, from the dashboard layout to the size and placement of the cupholders. We go through ANY airport, and we come out with our long list of no-nos.

So why is it that when we are home, raising our kids, we don’t apply the same kind of critical vigilance in trying to make it a better experience for all?

There is a massive opportunity for us to change the way we parent. Our kids are the consumers of our parenting, and they (and the world) deserve the best experience we can design for them. We have the professional know-how, but we are prisoners of cultural and societal norms which have defined the outdated parenting styles we still use.


Wendy spent the last 20 years doing what she loves: leading creative, brilliant, happy teams and designing visionary products that have a substantial purpose and meaning. She is a highly strategic designer, and co-founder of two visionary, award-winning, digital agencies. Learning, thinking, and discovery is a part of every project she leads. Some of her clients are City National Bank, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, The Tech Museum of Innovation, and MOCA.

Wendy also has two teenagers who are beta testers of her unique parenting approach, filled with a mix of design thinking and philosophies from Vygotsky, Dewey, Piaget, and Marshall Rosenberg.

Chris is that rare breed who contributes equal amounts to both the creative and the technical side of digital products. In the process of co-founding three digital agencies (including Primitive Spark), he has learned there’s always more to learn. For over 20 years, Chris has led successful digital product engagements for a long list of clients including VMWare, Sony and The Tech Museum of Innovation. When he's not designing or talking about design, Chris is probably making an unholy racket with musical instruments and/or woodworking tools.

He has two children from whom he learns new things every day.

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